Reed & Jyll


The purpose of this web site is to allow birth families to get to know us. We are excited to adopt and we hope that this helps you choose the proper family. We would love to hear from you and start to get to know you as well. Feel free to contact us anytime. Please send a comment in the “contact us” box.

Our Story!

We met at a singles ward in Utah. We were introduced at a party and were inseparable from then on. We love to work on projects and cook together. After we’d been married for about six months, we started traveling around the world together. After returning from our travels, we moved across the country to go to school in upstate New York. We lived in New York for two years while we went to school. Jyll went to dental hygiene school and Reed finished his general education at Broome Community College. It was a great experience for us to live in New York, but we felt like we were missing out on too many family events back home. Our siblings are all really close to each other and we wanted to be a part of their lives again. So, after Jyll graduated from dental hygiene school, Reed applied for school in Utah and we transferred back to the west. Reed attended BYU and studied graphic design. He is currently a graphic designer and works in Orem, UT. Jyll works as a dental hygienist a couple days a month.

In 2006, Jyll was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This was an interesting time in our marriage. We had to re-evaluate different things in our lives because of this diagnosis. After diagnosis, we learned a lot about the disease and said a lot of prayers. We both grew up in large families and hoped we would be able to raise a good sized family together. In our research, we found that some doctors say that bearing children can negatively effect the progression of this disease. We started the adoption process in 2006, and a short time later, felt very strongly that we should try to get pregnant. We put our trust in God and everything went perfectly. Jyll gave birth to a little girl in the summer of 2008. Jyll is basically symptom-free, and has been, since her initial diagnosis. She has some very mild numbness that comes and goes, but lives a totally normal life otherwise. Jyll’s last MRI looked fabulous. She is taking preventive medication everyday and plans to live a long active life. We are adopting now, because we know that this is a path God wants us to take. We are trying hard to follow the spirit and live as He would have us live. We are so excited to have more children. We feel like adoption is an answer to our prayers and that this is what God needs us to do right now. We have a great marriage and we honestly feel like our home is a perfect place for an adopted child to be. We have a very loving and accepting family and we know that we will love any child placed in our home regardless of how they get here.

We have really enjoyed being parents and are very excited to watch our family grow. Jyll is the kind of parent who loves to teach as much as possible. She takes everyday experiences and uses them as chances to teach. We both take every opportunity we can, to teach Chloe something new. We love to cook as a family. Chloe is always sitting on the counter while we cook, so she can help. She also gets her own wash rag when it is time to clean up. Reed is a very hands-on kind of dad. He is always singing songs, dancing and wrestling with Chloe. He can make her laugh harder than anyone else. Reed is the favorite uncle. Our siblings always joke that their own children can say “Reed” before they can say “mom” or “dad”. We love to go on road trips, camp, and hike as a family. We currently have 32 nieces and nephews and the number keeps rising.

As parents, we really try to use a loving and logical discipline. We want to make sure that our children know that we love them unconditionally and that we are trying to make sure they are safe and happy. We want our children involved in deciding what consequences follows a behavior. We try to have related actions and consequences so that it is easier to understand the correlation between actions and consequences. We try to do this for their good and bad behaviors. For example, right now, we decide together what happens if Chloe is a good listener when we go grocery shopping. We discuss with her the good consequences that happen when she makes good choices. We try to always follow through. If we decide that we can have an extra long story time when we get home, we really try to make it happen. We feel like following through helps a child have a more clear understanding of their boundaries and it makes it easier to make decisions for themselves. If a child knows how there parents will react when they make a choice (for good or bad) it makes the decision easier and/or more clear to the child. We want to continue this as our children grow. We want to let them become independent, responsible people. We plan to have them help around the house and learn how to work, so they are prepared when they actually have important work to do.

Reed and Jyll